Centers & Cores


Director, Bonnie Duran, Dr.PH
The Center for Indigenous Health Research works with indigenous communities and allies to achieve health equity through service, research, and education.
Highlighted Projects:


Director, Tessa Evans-Campbell, PhD
The Center for Indigenous Child and Family Research works to do innovative Indigenous centered and relevant child and family research.
Highlighted program:


Director, Cynthia Pearson, PhD
Research Methods Division Director, David Huh, PhD
The Research Core works to support other research projects. It provides research policy and data analysis training.

All research projects are supported by the Research Core, detailed information about these projects can be found on the Research Core website.

NYEP Phase 1 Students

Director, Tessa Evans-Campbell, PhD
The Research Training and Education Core works to training and opportunity for Indigenous young to gain better education.
Highlighted Projects:

  • K-12 Pipeline Iniatives
  • Undergraduate Initiatives
  • Graduate Research Practicum
  • Post Graduate, Mid- and senior career scholars


Community Engagement and Outreach Core

Director, Bonnie Duran, Dr.PH
The Community Engagement and Outreach Core aims at increasing IWRI’s research synergy with Indigenous communities and by conducting collaborative research & outreach with current and new partners.
Main Work:

  • Translation and Dissemination
  • Bidirectional Capacity Building
  • International Partnership and Initiatives

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core works to support all centers and cores in Indigenous Wellness Research Institute.
Main Members:

  • Center Director, Karina Walters
  • Interim Center Director, Tessa Evans-Compbell
  • Administrative Director, Shana Ava
  • Assistant Administrative Director, Tetana Adkins
  • AC and Executive Committee, Cynthia Pearson, Dennis Donovan, Leo Morales, and Jane Simoni
  • Native Youth Enrichment Programs, Kerrie Murphy
  • Media and Technology Director, Chris Charles
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