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K., Schultz; L., Walters K.; R, Beltran; S., Stroud; M., Johnson-Jennings

“I'm stronger than I thought”: Native women reconnecting to body, health, and place Journal Article

In: Health & Place, vol. 40, pp. 21-28, 2016.

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R., Beltran; P., Olsen; A., Ramey; S., Klawetter; and Walters K. L.,

Digital Tapestry Weaving Stories of Empowerment with Native Youth Book Chapter

In: McCardle P., Berninger V. (Ed.): Narrowing the Achievement Gap for Native American Students: Paying the Educational Debt, Chapter 2, pp. 9-22, 2014.

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Walters, K. L.; Beltran, R.; Huh, D.; & Evans-Campbell, T.

Dis-placement and dis-ease: Land, place, and health among American Indians and Alaska Natives Book Chapter

In: Takeuchi, D. (Ed.): pp. 163-199, Springer, New York, NY, 2011.

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