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et al. Wallerstein N., *Duran Aguilar Joe Loretto Toya B M J L F A

Jemez Pueblo: built and social-cultural environments and health within a rural American Indian community in the Southwest Journal Article

Am J Public Health, 93 (9), pp. 1517-1518, 2003.

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Wallerstein N., Duran B  

The Conceptual, Historical and Practical Roots of Community Based Participatory Research and Related Participatory Traditions Book Chapter

Minkler M., Wallerstein N (Ed.): Community Based Participatory Research, Jossey Bass, San Francisco, 2003.

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V., Chávez; B., Duran; M., Avila; N, Wallerstein

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Community Based Participatory Research, pp. 91-106, 2003.

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