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International Network of Indigenous Health Knowledge and Development 2025 Reclaiming Indigenous Ecologies of Love

The International Network of Indigenous Health Knowledge and Development (INIHKD) committee and hosts Indigenous Wellness Research Institute (IWRI), are inviting abstract submissions for the in-person INIKHD 2025 conference, which will focus under the theme “Reclaiming Indigenous Ecologies of  Love/RIEL.”

The INIHKD RIEL 2025 Conference seeks to elevate and amplify Indigenous voices and lovingly address critical health issues impacting Indigenous communities globally. It will provide an engaging strengths-based forum for international leaders to share, collaborate, champion, and envision a future of Indigenous health sovereignty, loving collective actions, and thrivance.

The conference will examine the multifaceted dimensions of love and health within Indigenous communities, focusing on the healing impact of Indigenous ancestral love on physical, mental, and spiritual health, culture, and community prosperity. It will highlight promising Indigenous health interventions, patient care approaches, health promotion, and disease prevention strategies, particularly in the context of pandemics and climate change. The conference will celebrate the resilience and permanence of Indigenous identities, cultures, and knowledge systems, which have shaped and continue to impact health systems at large.

While all are invited to attend, INIKHD RIEL seeks to elevate Indigenous voices as leading authors and speakers. INIHKD is seeking submissions from Indigenous health scholars, scientists, traditional medicine practitioners, health care providers, community leaders, educators, and activists who plan to attend and serve as lead presenters at the conference in person.

We encourage submissions that extend beyond traditional academic presentations to include broader methods of research dissemination such as film, dance, poetry, and visual arts. This inclusive approach captures the richness of Indigenous knowledge systems and cultural expressions.

Your participation is crucial to our collective effort in uncovering insights and strategies that deeply resonate with Indigenous communities around the globe. We value your contribution and look forward to your active involvement in the conference.

Keep RIEL and we will see you at Tamaya in April 2025!