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Santino Giovanni Camacho – Māhina 2017

Santino Giovanni Camacho, was a student trainee in the 2017 Māhina program.

Santino Camacho (Chamoru): Dual major in psychology and gender studies, University of Washington
Hafa Adai, I am Chamoru and from the island of Guåhan in the Marianas. I just graduated with a degree in psychology and gender studies from the UW. In fall 2017 I will begin a Masters in Public Health with a focus in behavioral and social sciences. My research interests include the integration of cultural practices into stress coping models and treatment programs for mood and anxiety disorders. I hope to be able to use indigenous knowledge to research and create programs that are low cost and accessible to Pacific Islander and other indigenous communities. My Honors/McNair project studied the categorization of Asian Americans in the racial minority category and their access to academic resources. I have also done qualitative and assessment research on health behaviors for men who have sex with men in an HIV healthcare access study. I also enjoy singing and dancing in my Chamoru community.

Māhina is supported by funding from the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number T37MD008625-01.