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Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Here are some Indigenous-focused mental health and wellness resources.

Mental Health Tips by Native Aunties

Visit this great resource for some helpful tips from Native aunties.

Youth Focused Mental Health & Wellness Resources

Our partners at We R Native offer guides, resources, and ways to connect that are youth-focused and supportive to the health and wellness of Native youth (although the info can be helpful for people 18+ too). You’ll find ways to build resilience, work with mental health challenges, and much more.

Mindfulness Resources from Dr. Bonnie Duran

Here you find a list of resources that Dr. Bonnie Duran has shared to support mindfulness practice.

Digital Storytelling

Over the years we’ve helped create many digital stories or short videos where people tell their stories directly. You’ll find videos about Indigenous health, community work, mental health, and more in our Indigenous digital storytelling library.


Our partners at We R Native have joined forces with the Crisis Text Line. We know we all struggle and sometimes need support from others. If you need someone to talk to, text NATIVE to 741741 for free, 24/7 crisis counseling.

Domestic Violence or Sexual Violence Hotlines

Domestic violence or sexual violence hotlines. If you would like free, confidential support for Native American and Alaska Native survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence – help is available daily through the StrongHearts Native Helpline. This resource is available 24/7 and can be contacted by phone or through chat services on their website. The StrongHearts Native Helpline is a partnership with the National Indigenous Women’s resource center at 1-844-7NATIVE or 1-844-762-8483 or call for immediate support at the Native American Services Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE or 1-800-799-7233 24 hours a day for help for yourself or someone else.

The list is always growing so if you know of others please share them with us on facebook @indigenouswellness, Instagram @indigenouswellnessresearch, or on our contact us page.