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Mindfulness Resources Shared By Dr. Bonnie Duran

Resources Check out meditation # 2 here- 4 elements meditation: Analayo’s guided 7 spokes of Satipatthana Meditation Ven. Analayo’s Anapanasati guided Meditations Ven. Analayo’s book on Satipatthana Practice Guide here Online sitting groups including BIPOC, LBGTQI♀︎  About Dr. Bonnie Duran: Bonnie Duran, DrPH (Opelousas/Coushatta) has worked in public health education, evaluation, program…

Tips by Native Aunties for Mental Health

Mental health is difficult to separate from our physical or spiritual health, as all are intertwined. Like the sea, we cannot easily separate one droplet from another. Our mind, spirit, and emotions influence our body, our families, our kin- past, present and future. Our relationships with others, human and more than human, affect our risks for diseases and overall health.  

While colonialism sees us as victims and addresses our well-being through a victim lens. We are not victims. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, elders, care takers, resistors, storytellers, leaders… We are the outcome of thousands, upon thousands, of ancestral love. We are Indigenous. Our story of mental health surrounds love, power, and vision.