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January 10, 2020

Seven Directions produces environmental scan of tribal opioid prevention efforts

Seven Directions, with the support of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the National Network of Public Health Institutes, has produced an “Environmental Scan of Tribal Opioid Overdose Prevention Responses: Community-Based Strategies and Public Health Data Infrastructure.” It provides a snapshot of how various tribes, tribal organizations and urban Indian organizations are addressing the opioid epidemic in Indian Country.


Among racial groups in the U.S., American Indians & Alaska Natives experience the second highest fatality rate from opioid overdose. This scan looks at promising practices being developed and implemented by tribes around the country, the resource and infrastructure challenges they face, as well as the opportunities afforded by cultural resilience and sovereignty. While the current scan was compiled from publicly available information on the internet, annual updates will incorporate other sources of information, and become a more comprehensive living document that will help guide tribal community members, tribal and organizational leaders, and healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of opioid epidemic.


Cover Image for reportThe full 86-page report in PDF can be downloaded from:


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