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Daniel Dickerson, DO, MPH, (Inupiaq)

Associate Research Psychiatrist, UCLA, Integrated Substance Abuse Programs

Daniel Dickerson, D.O., M.P.H., is Associate Research Psychiatrist at UCLA, Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP). His research focuses on the development of substance use treatment and prevention programs for American Indian/Alaska Native youth and adults. He is currently co-Principal Investigator on National Institutes of Health-funded study, “Motivational Interviewing and Culture for Urban Native American Youth (MICUNAY)” an alcohol and drug use prevention research program targeting urban Native American youth. He is also Principal Investigator on a study investigating the potential benefits of a substance use intervention utilizing drumming for Native Americans, “Drum-Assisted Recovery Therapy for Native Americans (DARTNA),” and is also co-Principal Investigator on “Native American Youth Sleep, Health, and Wellness (NAYSHAW),” a study analyzing health and sleep among urban Native American youth.