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Eugenia Millender, PhD (Indigenous Afro-Latina (Kuna/Guna)

Associate Professor, College of Nursing, Florida State University

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Dr. Eugenia Millender currently works at the Florida State University College of Nursing’s Center for Indigenous Nursing Research for Health Equity.  Dr. Millender is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a doctorally prepared nurse scientist. Her areas of expertise and research focus on mood disorders, stress and trauma and how they are express through gene-environment interaction and how this interaction influences transgenerational mental and physical health disparities including substance abuse among minority and underserved groups. She also works on improving systems of care by integrating primary care and behavioral health in community settings. Dr. Millender has been at the forefront of developing methods for community-engaged translational research to improve health disparities in underserved populations, and build community capacity to deliver culturally suitable, evidence-based behavioral interventions.