Indigenous Wellness Research Institute


December 7, 2020

Judith Tsui, MD, MPH

August 15, 2017

Ramona Beltrán, PhD, MSW (Yaqui/Mexica)

Ramona Beltrán’s (Yaqui/Mexica) scholarship focuses on the intersections of historical trauma, embodiment, and environmental/social determinants of health as they affect health and risk behaviors in indigenous communities. She is particularly interested in centering cultural protective factors, strengths and resiliencies in indigenous populations as they work to interrupt the intergenerational transmission of historical trauma. She uses…

August 7, 2017

Jane Simoni, PhD

Jane M. Simoni, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and a Director of Clinical Training in the Departments of Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle. She directs the Behavioral Science Core of the UW CFAR. Her research has focused on behavioral aspects of HIV treatment, with NIMH-funded intervention studies in New York City, Seattle,…