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My Peeps – Mobile-based Program for HIV Prevention in Young Males Who Have Sex with Males

Males who have sex with males (MSM) bear a greater burden of HIV/AIDS than any other population group in the US, comprising only 2% of the population but 56% of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Although much of the increased incidence in HIV has been reported among young MSM (YMSM), especially among racial and ethnic minority groups, and is linked to high-risk sexual behavior, there remains a dearth of evidence-based HIV prevention interventions for YMSM – and none that address racially/ethnically diverse YMSM.

Our Proposal

MyPEEPS was created in response to the lack of evidence-based interventions. It was developed by members of our Investigative team, consisting of 6 educational modules focusing on social and personal factors, including knowledge (e.g., correct way to use a condom), self-efficacy for safer sex, interpersonal communication skills, and behavioral skills. MyPEEPS is currently one of the only HIV prevention interventions that focuses on diverse adolescent MSM. Long-term sustainability of face-to face, group-level behavioral interventions, such as MyPEEPS, however, have been problematic. In response to this challenge, we have translated MyPEEPS from a face-to-face, group-based curriculum to a mobile, responsive web-based platform, accessible by smartphone or other web-enabled devices, to increase accessibility for diverse YMSM. The move to a mobile platform, allows users to complete the curriculum at their own pace with enhanced privacy.

How to Get Involved

We will be testing MyPEEPS mobile with 700 young men aged 13-18 in New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Seattle, WA and Birmingham, AL. Before the full scale trial, we will be engaging smaller groups of YMSM to get their feedback on early versions of the web-based application to ensure it is easy to use and that the content is representative and relevant to them. Community based organizations and others who interact with our target demographic are crucial to garner interest from YMSM. We are seeking locations to distribute recruitment materials, make presentations to youth meetings/groups, and engage potential participants in conversation about their health.

If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions about the study, you can contact the site principle investigator for Seattle at 206-330-1997 or For other sites study information please contact Project Manager Alex Mangone ( or 212-305-0904) to be connected with the study team in your city.