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Solana Rollolazo – Māhina 2015

Solana Rollolazo is a Filipino/Alaskan Native (Haida) third-year student at the UW pursuing her B.A. in Medical Anthropology and Global Health with a focus on Pacific Islander studies and a minor in Diversity. Her involvement in the Pacific Islander community through UW’s Polynesian Student Alliance, Tahitian dance troupe Te Fare O Tamatoa, and her cultural explorations in French Polynesia have contributed greatly to her commitment to and passion for addressing indigenous health and wellbeing. Solana is investing her personal and academic endeavors in researching the current use of traditional medicine and practices in Oceania and the role they play in cultural retention and revitalization.


Māhina is supported by funding from the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number T37MD008625-01.