Indigenous Research Trainees // Indigenous Substance Abuse, Medicines, and Health Research Training (ISMART)

Roberto Orellana, PhD

Associate Professor, Social Work at Portland State University

ISMART-Cohort 2

Angela Fernandez, PhC MSW (Menominee)

Indigenous Social Welfare PhD Student, IWRI

ISMART-Cohort 3

Jessica Black, MSW (Gwich’in Athabascan)

PhD Candidate, Washington University in St. Louis Brown School

ISMART - Cohort 4

Antonia R.G. Alvarez, LMSW (Mestiza Pinay)

Doctoral Student, School of Social Work, University of Denver

Jerreed Ivanich, M.S. (Alaskan Native – Tsimshian)

Doctoral Student, Sociology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln