COVID-19 Indigenous Needs Assessment


COVID-19 Indigenous Needs Assessment

The survey has closed. Thank you to all of those who participated in the survey.

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You are invited to participate in the Native American COVID-19 Alliance’s COVID-19 Indigenous needs assessment survey (CINAS).  This survey is a unique attempt to ensure that Native Peoples’ experiences are represented, considered, and championed as we move through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This assessment is led by a team of Native researchers from:  Indigenous Wellness Research Institute at the University of Washington; the University of Hawaii- Department of Native Hawaiian Health; University of Michigan; and University of California, Berkeley.

The assessment is conducted in partnership with: Center for Native American Youth; IllumiNative; Papa Ola Lokahi; American Indian Cultural Center of San Francisco; Native American Indigenous Studies Program, UC San Diego; Pacific Islander Community Association Washington; Mni Wiconi Clinic and Farm; and the Native Organizers Alliance.

This assessment is affiliated with and supported by: Alliance of National Psychological Associations for Racial and Ethnic Equity’s Covid-19 Needs Assessment Group, which was championed and commissioned by Congressional tribal and Tri-Caucus leaders and funded by the National Urban League.

Why is this study being done/What are the benefits? To ensure that our Native voices are included in any tribal, national or congressional planning and response efforts to the COVID-19 pandemic; to raise our collective voices and share how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our families and communities; to identify what has and will help us cope with and get through this pandemic. YOUR voice, COVID-19 experiences, and needs are critical to formulating solutions and policies to address this pandemic in Native communities.

We will publish the results and create a report to be widely shared among Native communities, leadership, grassroots organizations, as well as among Congressional leaders, national policymakers, and health officials.

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Rules for the drawing

One entry per person by completing the Native American COVID-19 Alliance survey. You must reside within the United States. Only one prize per person. Full rules and prize information on this page