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Building upon IHART’s* notable achievements and leveraging its network of Indigenous mentors, the University of Washington initiated the “Building Indigenuity, Generating HIV Science: HIV/AIDS Research Training (BIG HART)” pilot program in collaboration with the George Washington University CFAR’s CDEIPI program.

Since its launch in February 2022, BIG HART has been introducing both undergraduate and graduate AIAN and NHPI scholars to the dynamic field of HIV research. The program has connected these scholars with experienced Indigenous mentors and facilitated valuable networking opportunities. Participating institutions include the University of Washington, University of Hawai’i – Manoa, and others located throughout the country.

In this phase of the project, BIG HART is broadening its impact. This expansion includes outreach to Indigenous Latinx scholars, extending its reach to encompass scholars from CFAR-affiliated institutions across the nation, and hosting a series of activities throughout the 2023-2024 academic year. Additionally, the program is introducing a dedicated writing workshop tailored to graduate scholars.

One of the central pillars of BIG HART’s mission is the engagement of CFAR faculty in an ongoing learning journey. This learning initiative focuses on equipping faculty with the skills to effectively mentor individuals with diverse social identities, educating them about epistemology and pedagogy, and disseminating best practices for skill development among undergraduate and graduate scholars.

BIG HART continues to serve as an essential platform for attracting and nurturing Indigenous scholars at the initial stages of their academic journeys.

* The Indigenous HIV/AIDS Research Training Program (IHART) is a unique Native-specific HIV/AIDS research education mentorship program the United States. Over the years, IHART has been instrumental in launching the research careers of Indigenous scholars, including American Indians, Alaska Natives (AIAN), Native Hawaiians, other Pacific Islanders (NHPI), and Indigenous Latinx people (ILP) across the nation.