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IHART 2: Program Significance

The significance of the Lauhoe program lies in its developing Native research expertise, which will contribute to advancing HIV-related research careers of Indigenous students as well as science in the areas of health disparities via training in:

(a) innovative culturally grounded theory and models;

(b) the design of culturally derived and community-based basic and applied research;

(c) cultural adaptation of empirically validated HIV prevention interventions to test their acceptability and feasibility among Native populations;

(d) the development of novel culturally-based and theory-driven health interventions that address socio-cultural context and co-occurring mental health, substance use and traumatic stress;

(e) innovative methodologies (e.g., use of digital storytelling and video media for qualitative methodologies as well as “visual” as opposed to “oral” storytelling preventive interventions);

(f) the development of culturally based measurement with a particular emphasis on cultural protective factors, strengths, and resiliency; and

(g) the integration of innovative data analytic strategies such as multi-level analyses and social network analyses.