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INSPIRE: Program Application

The application period for Spring 2024 has closed

The INSPIRE program will accept from 5 to 7 qualified trainees each year.

Please review program expectations at the bottom of the page.

Application process

To apply for the Indigenous Substance abuse and addictions Prevention Interdisciplinary Research Education program, applicants will be asked to

(a) complete a form describing basic information about their tribal affiliation, host institution, education, race/ethnicity;

(b) write a three-page statement of their research interests, past research activities, experience in conducting research with Native communities and their own involvement in Native communities; and specific ideas about how they might use the $22,000/10,800 seed money;

(c) provide a CV; and

(d) identify two researchers and one community leader as references.

The application form can be completed online and all documents should be uploaded at the time of application.

Program expectations include:

  1. commitment to the whole 24-month research training;
  2. participation in core curriculum components
  3. development of critical skills in research methodologies relevant to the trainee’s health research interest; development of skills in consuming and presenting SAA-prevention and disparities research (trainees are expected to present their research interests or research career aspirations at the institutes, writing retreats, and at national conferences); and,
  4. development of skills in writing SAA-related research papers, conference presentations, and grants. All trainees are encouraged to apply for conferences and if appropriate, co-author a paper with their mentor.

Additionally, trainees are expected to develop a thorough comprehension of the principles of responsible conduct of research including international research and research with Indigenous populations.