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LUNA: Program Application

Program Application

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Applications for cohort 3 will open in late October 2021.

The LUNA program is adjusting some of training activities in response to the international coronavirus epidemic. Some possible adjustments may include online training in summer 2020, with international travel and research later in 2020 or in Summer 2021.

The first week of the program will be in Washington State, a week for international travel, and the remaining 10-weeks of the program will be in one of the research sites: Peru, Guatemala, or Nepal.

Project specialties for each international site are as follows:


  1. Maternal and child health
  2. Climate change and environmental health
  3. Anemia prevention among Peruvian children in the Amazon and the Andes
  4. Tuberculosis prevention


  1. Maternal and child health
  2. HIV prevention with indigenous MSM
  3. Malnutrition prevention among Maya children
  4. Diabetes prevention in indigenous communities in the highlands
  5. Developing ancestral gardening for healthy diets


  1. Maternal and Child Health
  2. Environment and Climate Change and Health
  3. Health Systems and Health Equity
    • Facilitators and barriers to improving hypertension management in rural Nepal
    • Facilitators and barriers to improving diabetes management in rural Nepal
    • Factors impacting usage of health services among rural Nepali population
    • Integrating community development and women’s empowerment to advance health in rural Nepal

Benefits of participating in the LUNA Program include exposure to the world of health research in Indigenous communities and the opportunity for trainees to build a network of Native global health research colleagues. Trainees will have the chance to engage in training that is culturally grounded in Indigenous theoretical and methodological health research. Trainees will have access to Indigenous research mentors and role models to help them build their research skills and long-term career goals.

Pre-doctoral LUNA Program trainees will also have the opportunity to gain course credit. Trainees may enroll in and complete 10 credit hours toward their doctoral degree program based on approval of their academic unit and advisor. The LUNA Program Coordinator will work with the trainee so that academic credit is given for the Indigenous international research field-based practicum (6 credit hours) and other related courses.

The LUNA Program will select up to 9 qualified trainees each year.


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