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August 22, 2017

What are some reasons not to drink

Some Diné people decide not to drink. It may be because of cultural reasons, bad experiences, or just because they don’t want to drink. Choosing not to drink is called abstinence. By choosing this way of life , we reduce our risk of harm from alcohol. Who should avoid alcohol completely: If you plan to…

Why doesn’t more alcohol feel better?

This is because alcohol is a depressant (it “depresses” or slows down our central nervous system), even though the first effect we experience is a “buzz.” Alcohol also gives a ”buzz.” By the time we drink enough to reach .05 BAC, we’ve had too much alcohol and lose the “buzz.” Did you notice you felt…

What is Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)? Why is BAC important?

Effects of Blood Alcohol Level Blood Alcohol Content is the ratio of alcohol to blood in the blood stream. By estimating our BAC we can reduce risk to ourselves and others Factors that can influence BAC: Think about how your BAC changes when you drink. When do you think you had the highest BAC during…

What type of drinking should we avoid?

What is One Drink Binge Drinking A pattern of drinking that brings blood alcohol levels to .08 g/dL This is about 4 drinks for women and 5 drinks for men in about 2 hours. Heavy Drinking Drinking 5 or more drinks on the same occasion on each of 5 or more days in the past…

Beliefs About Alcohol Use and Diné College Students

Beliefs About Alcohol Use and Diné College Students We might also believe some stereotypes about alcohol in our community: Myth: Most tribal college students drink heavily. Fact: The average male tribal college student drinks only 4 drinks per week, and women average 2 drinks per week. Myth: Tribal college students drink around 12 drinks per…

Conflicting Beliefs About Diné People

Conflicting Beliefs About Diné People We can start to believe some of the negative things others think about us . . . How we think others see us: Native people are lazy Native people only live on reservations Native people receive special benefits and privileges from the government Native people all have alcohol problems How…

Our Multicultural World

Our Multicultural World With the arrival of others to our lands, understanding how to bring together our Diné values and mainstream values has been difficult.

Living Our Diné Values

Living Our Diné Values By reducing our risk of alcohol, we can be healthy members of our community.

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